Petaluma Pete

More than just a piano player... As the official spokesperson for the "Gateway to Sonoma County", John Maher creates successful marketing plans for Bay Area business owners. "

 "Many business owners don't know where to start in this new world of video marketing and social networking. That's where John comes in." - Jeff Mayne, Owner, Excel Mortgage Solutions  


"The Genius Switch is never off with John. He's fun to watch." - Mark Mooney, CEO, Moonware Design  


"John's instincts are so reliable you can throw anything at him." - Dion Rief, CEO, Image Marketing  


"John has the energy of 6 people and we're just glad he's here" - Marie McCusker, Exec. Director PDA & PVP  


"No question about it. Petaluma Pete is among the highest brand names in the community!" - Bob Kennedy, SoCool TV  


"No doubt John can take these same skills used to market Petaluma Pete and put them to great use with anyone wanting´╗┐ to better brand themselves."  -  Anastasia Schuster, Access Speakers  


For a free consultation:   707 775-5041

Here are three New Business Promotion Videos.